TWO TIER JUSTICE: F&C veterans betrayed

Http:// – Two Tier Justice for Veterans: Growing numbers of Foreign & Commonwealth service personnel are being denied citizenship or leave to remain in the UK – despite years of honourable service. This film highlights two cases where the discretion that should have been exercised in their favour, was not. Since the charity Veterans Aid went public with the number of cases it was dealing with there has been public outcry. It has dealt with 70 since January and more are coming to its attention every week. Fiji-born L/Cpl Isimeli Baleiwai, who has five medals, 13 years service and operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan behind him is still fighting to avoid deportation. Sapper Poloko Hire faces deportation to Botswana (where he will be jailed for joining the British Army) – for a speeding offence. (*This campaign by Veterans Aid effected a change in the law. Isimeli Baleiwai was allowed to stay in the UK. Poloko Hiri was granted UK Citizenship and has now gained a law degree).