Who we are


Multi-skilled  professionals who love their work.


Torquil Boyd BWTorquil Boyd
 has worked in the television industry for  more than 30 years – for the past 20  as Managing Director of TTV.  He has written and directed five television series  and won international recognition for his films on  defence and veterans. He  brings the same creative energy to web-based or short corporate videos as he does to documentaries or TV series.

The subjects Torquil  has filmed are diverse and eclectic –   from billion dollar city dealings  to the plight of  homeless street dwellers. He believes that everyone has a story to tell: “Our work, our victories and our  struggles are what make us human and fascinating”. 

Through TTV Torquil has trained and mentored many young and aspirational film-makers and editors. Many still regularly collaborate with the company on major projects.  torquil@ttvpictures.co.uk

Glyn Strong BW

Glyn Strong went from university to The Guardian and on to work for a wide variety of  publications, visiting  nearly 50 countries and contributing to national/international  publications and documentaries. She  left journalism to work for the Armed Forces,  spending lengthy periods in hostile environments, running civilian/military news teams  in Bosnia and Kuwait and operating in the Falkland Islands, Hungary, Kosovo,  Germany, Italy and Holland.

 After several years with the Army she became Head of External Communication for the  RAF  before being appointed A/Director of Public Relations at the Ministry of Defence, responsible for non-news media and documentaries.

Glyn left Whitehall in 2007 to return to independent journalism reporting from Belarus, Lebanon and Afghanistan. A graduate of Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds Universities, she is a qualified teacher of English and Communication Studies. Her MA in Public Communication examined The Effect of Media Reportage on Combat Effectiveness and Gender. Today she operates as a charity worker, freelance photojournalist and as Co-Principal of TTV. glyn@ttvpictures.co.uk

Torquil and Glyn have worked together for many years on a diverse range of film and multimedia projects and are able to draw on  an a highly qualified  pool of technicians and creatives  to augment TTV’s larger projects. 

Dave Naden

David Naden  is an accomplished professional lighting and television cameraman with excellent provenance in the world of broadcast television and corporate filmmaking. Proficient with a range of equipment he has worked in all areas of the industry, with particular experience in documentary and light entertainment programmes.

David, who  films  primetime television for the BBC, ITV and other channels, is also an aviation consultant who has worked with the Royal Air Force on two  award winning series. Used to working with the most discerning directors, David brings humour as well as extensive  knowledge of the business  to the productions he is involved with.

Simon Hotchkin started his  filming career  at a facilities company in Soho.  He was  thrown into a press junket for the latest James Bond film on his first day and has never looked back.  Over the years he has become proficient in camera, sound and lighting techniques and a variety of editing platforms.

Simon  joined TTV in 1999 and  has worked  alongside Torquil and Glyn on a wide range of productions, from small charity commissions through to multi-camera live events.

Ella Robjant

Ella Robjant  has worked in media, film and fashion, operating as  TTV’s studio manager and in  variety of supporting roles for clients. An excellent administrator/organiser Ella’s experience and versatility enable her to assume practical roles  on shoots and provide expert assistance with make-up and styling.

AAdam Wakelingdam Wakeling  is a self- taught documentary maker and director of the  acclaimed ecology film Up in Smoke  ( *Formerly Burning Needs) –  a thought-provoking look at  slash and burn farming, one of the biggest contributors to deforestation and global warming).